Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back from Vancouver!

Laura and I just had an amazing time in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We helped coordinate the Sikh wedding of Sukhi and Gurj!
With approx 1000 guests, we were glad to be a team!

Congrats to the beautiful and charming couple!

We had a blast :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Our first Rich Bride Poor Bride couple - Nicole and Adam Shea

A big Congratulations to Adam and Nicole Shea!

This past weekend, we had the honour of coordinating their wedding at Knollwood Golf Course. It was a beautiful day (despite the rain) full of love, happiness and emotion. It was all captured by the wonderful Crew of 'Rich Bride Poor Bride' on the Slice network.

We had an absolute blast with Nicole and Adam through the planning process and an even bigger blast at their wedding!

Here's to new friends!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

new pics cont'd...

New Pictures...

It has been way too long since we last made a post! Busy Busy Busy!

Here are some recent pictures from two of the weddings we have done this Summer....Shirley and Leo - June 20th....&....Cheryl and Brian - August 15

Many more to post as well...but we are waiting for the rights to the pictures from our photogs...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rich Bride, Poor Bride

It's official! We have been added to the Roster of Rich Bride, Poor Bride on the Slice Network!
2009 has been such a rewarding year for us and we want to thank all of you who have made it possible! We look forward to our weddings for the remainder of '09 and into '10, both on and off camera!

Lights, Camera, Action and most definitely Drama :)
L & K

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New pictures and testimonials coming soon~!

Thank you Janelle & Anthony and Amanda & Kevin for supplying us with such beautiful pictures from your weddings! You both looked absolutely stunning on your wedding days, but after seeing you in print....words cannot express!

We will be putting them up on the site shortly! Along with the testimonial letters you both wrote. Thank you for letting us share in your very special days....

Humbly yours~
L & K

Trend for 2009 and beyond...


We are working with a very well known Wedding Decor company in the GTA for the wedding of Cheryl and Brian in August.

They recently changed their whole linen theme after seeing a new product available...contrasting Damask! Can't wait to post pictures of the tables after their'll see what we mean :)

No more boring linens....step it up this year or next with a bold linen statement! Bold damask linens with dashes and pops of bold colour statements...that's the new trend...and we love it!

Boldly yours~
L & K

Rich Bride, Poor Bride...fingers crossed

A HUGE thank you to Jennifer Yearwood for getting us the opportunity to audition for RBPB!

She was so thoughtful and sent the producers of RBPB an email asking them to see us, and telling them that she thought we were perfect for the show! And they called to ask us to come for a casting!

We had our casting last weekend and are now wishing, hoping and praying we get the call back!
Fingers crossed !!!!! What a great opportunity that would be :)

Prayingly yours ~
L & K

BT - watch for us again this year!

Last year, around this time we were starting to plan a wedding for Mandy and Harry Hickey.
They won a contest on Breakfast Television, and 5 week later, with our help, were walking down the aisle (Live on national television) as Man and Wife !

Well, it seems that BT has the wedding itch again this year, and have called us (and our emergency wedding kits) to help out again in '09!

We are thrilled and honoured to be asked to participate in another wedding on BT this fall, and can't wait to hear who the next deserving couple will be!

Autumn Weddings = Simply Stunning... point blank.

watch for promo's coming soon...maybe it could be you!

Excitedly yours~
L & K