Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding Tips..... By L & K

1. Always have an Emergency Kit present on your Wedding Day!
At Laura KellyWedding Design, we always carry a Wedding Day Emergency Kit with us. With items such as: Pins, sewing kits, band aids, hairspray, deodorant, emergency rings, nail polish remover, visine, Tylenol, etc.

2. Invitation Etiquette:
Send your invites out at least 8-12 weeks prior to your wedding day. R.S.V.P. dates should always be set for one month prior to your wedding day to allow yourself time to track down guests who have not yet responded and to make a seating plan that works.

3. Real flowers on the Wedding Cake?
This is a big no-no. Real flowers can essentially poison your cake by leaching pesticides into your icing! Opt for artificial/certified organic flowers or lay buds on top of a plastic tray to ensure the stems do not touch the icing or pierce the cake.

4. To Favour or Not to Favour...
Many couples struggle to find that perfect wedding give-away. If you’ve hit a road block or don’t have a money tree in your backyard, why don’t you consider making a donation to a Charity or Foundation in your guests honour. These days, many guests will appreciate the gesture and it will allow your wedding day to touch others in need.

5. Free Tux!
Planning on renting tuxedos? At most Tuxedo retailers, the Groom and Father of the Groom will get their tux for free when a bridal party of 4 or more rent there as well. Before making any final decisions, inquire about this option if you have at least 4 groomsmen renting a tux as well.

6. Aim to be different...
Remember when all is said and done, weddings are a reflection of you the couple. Whatever your style, don’t hold back. If there is one day to truly make your own, this is that day! Nothing is off limits, and anything is possible. If you can dream it, live it... If you want it, have it!

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