Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Value of a Wedding Planner!

So we just received a last minute booking for a wedding on August 16th - in less than 2 weeks. We will be co-ordinating the Day of.

This whole wedding has been planned by the Mother of the Bride and she is beyond stressed! Laura and I have been to see her twice now, and both times she is close to throwing in the towel and running away!

This wonderful lady has spent the last year of her life planning the wedding by herself and trying to please everyone around her! The only person she forgot was herself. Isn't the Mother of the Bride supposed to be enjoying the last few weeks before her little girl grows up and becomes a married woman? Shouldn't she be excited and proud, instead of stressed and close to tears??

Laura and I have been given a folder of contracts ( in which are scattered and unorganized) and asked to save the day! Which we will of course :)

It just proves once again, that if we had been hired long ago, we could have planned this wedding along with the MOB and made this past year a happy and stress free time for this whole family.

A lessoned learned too late! At least the MOB can start to relax and let us handle the rest...and we'll do it proudly!

L & K

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