Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Next Rich Bride Poor Bride Episode Airs Tuesday March 22 @ 8pm on Slice...

Our next Rich Bride Poor Bride episode premieres Tuesday March 22 @8pm on the SLICE network.

Episode Description:
Bride Jihan and Groom Justin are beginning their journey down the matrimonial aisle! Although the couple has no problem foreseeing a beautiful life together, they do lack a shared vision for their big day. If there’s ever been a bride who knows what she wants it is Jihan and with her “tell it like it is” attitude in full effect, her groom is learning just how off the wall his bride really is. His love of traditional things and her quest to be completely different and to incorporate a travel theme into their day have landed them in a precarious planning position!

The dynamic duo of planners, Laura and Kelly, will have fun bringing the couple’s visions closer together and navigating the budget to pull off their dream travel themed wedding.

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Kiss of Death said...

Quick question - where was their venue!? I love it.