Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flowers of the Season

As we move into the Fall and Winter months, we often have Brides asking us what flowers are available for their weddings. Many of the Floral designers that we work with have access to any flowers at any time of year, but if the flower your desire is off season, it will usually cost more to get and they cannot guarentee the colour of them, seeing as they will be grown oversees in a greenhouse. Most bulb flowers ( i.e. Peonies) will be closed when they arrive if you try to get them in the winter for example.

So, if you are trying to keep within the possibilities locally for your fall or winter wedding, these are some of my personal favourites!

Fall Wedding Florals:

1. Mango Calla Lilies.

These rich mango coloured calla's are such a beautiful flower for the Autumn months.

2. Dahlias

I love the soft pink colour of this Dahlia and Rose bouquet! I'm also a big fan of any type of floral accent like these crystal centers! Looks like a brooch.

3. Zinnia

These are a traditional Chinese flower that come in a variety of colours. Stunningly vibrant!

4. Ranunculus

These little cuties are growing (pardon the pun) very popular! They also come in a variety of shades and are adorable! we have also seen many Brides getting their Cake Designers to mimic these flowers on their cakes!

Winter Wedding Flowers

1. Amaryllis

These are great because they have a large head. They fill a large space in a vase or bouquet and have maximum impact. These are beautiful!

2. Hanging Amaranthus

This is a great accent for any centerpiece or Aisle piece as seen below. It gives almost an enchanted forest feeling to any decor theme.

3. Sweet Peas

Most people have seen these in white, but I love the soft purple colour as well! Since purple seemed to be the on-trend wedding colour of 2011, I wanted to share this!

4. Anemones

These are simply incredible, no? The black centers are the perfect compliment to a wedding that has black in its colour scheme. Love them!

Hope these inspire you!

Kelly xoxo

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