Monday, March 26, 2012

Trend Setting Chair Options...

We love the newest styles of chairs available to the trend setting bride and groom. No longer is a chair just a functional piece of furniture... It's now also a distinct voice in the overall look and feel of your reception space!

Our first love is the "Lucite Chivari Chair", in particular the "Blush Chivari Chair".... Its timeless style, paired with its modern iridescent look is tres chic!

Another way to vamp up the "Classic Chivari" Chair, is with the accompaniment of a "Chivari Sleeve"! These ultra decorative chair accessories add a "love at first sight" touch to your decor.

Lastly, if your taste is bit more modern, the endless colours of the "Lucite Ghost Chair" should satisfy your cravings.

And if a bold look is more your taste, the "Opaque Ghost Chair" collection can give you just that!


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Smart and Matching furniture catches the eyes of the guests at the wedding. These stylish and trendy chairs seem like a bride brand.

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