Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cocktail Wedding Receptions...

Welcome 2013... And welcome to "The Cocktail Reception" trend... A trend we couldn't be happier to have around. In 2013, we are seeing a growing number of couples opting out of a formal sit down dinner, for a much more fluid and interactive cocktail party. While this type of reception brings it's fair share of considerations, it's becoming a popular reception style for 3 main reasons:

1) It allows for a much more social and interactive experience for everyone attending your event. Without a formal seating plan and course by course itinerary, guests can travel the venue enjoying conversations with many other guests while sampling food at their leisure. Without the expectation to occupy an assigned seat for a number of hours, guests can really become more connected to your wedding and all the of the other people invited to it.

2) It allows for a wider diversity of food. While a sit down meal naturally lends itself to a larger quantity of a few items, cocktail receptions are the opposite; A larger variety of foods, in smaller quantities  If you've ever been to a 'tapas' restaurant, you can see the appeal.

3) It invites creativity and originality in the design of your event space. While formal table and chairs are limited by functionality, the design aspect of a cocktail reception screams "FUN!" With the inclusion of great rental pieces, you can create a personalized lounge/cocktail style environment that reflects your personal style and tastes!

Happy Planning!


Katherine said...

I've been booked for a lot of these lately! Lots of fun and tons of creativity on the part of the couple. I'm a fan!

perfectkstudios said...

Very nice info..

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Unknown said...

Loved reading this post about cocktail wedding receptions! I am so much in love with all these ideas. I would like to suggest these ideas to my sister for her wedding reception. She also needs some help regarding prettiest event venue that is perfect for golden and pink theme. Could you suggest any spots?