Saturday, November 1, 2008


My gosh....things are busy!
Just when you think things will slow down a bit for Winter...we move full speed ahead with planning for next year!
2 of our amazing couples right now are Amanda and Kevin ( march 14, 2009) and Cheryl and Brian ( August 15, 2009)...we are thrilled to be working with them! They are so sweet and eager to make their days ultra special!

Some of the unique idea's that we have come up with so far for these two couples are:

1) Candy Centrepieces...yum!
2) Black Chiavari Chairs and light coloured gathered shic.
3) Donation to a favourite charity, instead of bombonnieres...

Here are some pictures taken from the web ( in google images and the for inspiration:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Found online - great ideas!

Found these ideas great are they!!!

Bouquet Frame...great if you've lost a member of your family and want to remember them in a special way on your wedding day.

Favour Boxes - so cute.

Wine Table numbers - unique idea and very practical!

The Value of a Wedding Planner!

So we just received a last minute booking for a wedding on August 16th - in less than 2 weeks. We will be co-ordinating the Day of.

This whole wedding has been planned by the Mother of the Bride and she is beyond stressed! Laura and I have been to see her twice now, and both times she is close to throwing in the towel and running away!

This wonderful lady has spent the last year of her life planning the wedding by herself and trying to please everyone around her! The only person she forgot was herself. Isn't the Mother of the Bride supposed to be enjoying the last few weeks before her little girl grows up and becomes a married woman? Shouldn't she be excited and proud, instead of stressed and close to tears??

Laura and I have been given a folder of contracts ( in which are scattered and unorganized) and asked to save the day! Which we will of course :)

It just proves once again, that if we had been hired long ago, we could have planned this wedding along with the MOB and made this past year a happy and stress free time for this whole family.

A lessoned learned too late! At least the MOB can start to relax and let us handle the rest...and we'll do it proudly!

L & K

Wedding pictures

My's been too long since our last post...we have been busy with Wedding Season at it's peak!

Here are some pictures from Paulette and Marc's wedding...congratulations to a beautiful Couple!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Paulette and Marc - July 5 and 6

So it's the Big Day tomnorrow for Paulette and Marc...soon to be Mrs. and Mr. Marc Goodman!

We wish you all the very best in your life together as man and wife!
It has been an absolute pleasure working with you over the past several months and we are so thrilled to be able to be part of your special weekend!

Get lots of sleep tonight ( ya right)...and relax...we've got everything covered!
L & K

Some More Pictures

here are some more pictures from Mandy and Harry's Wedding:

BT Wedding

Wow...we have been BIZ-AY! ( aka - very busy)

It has been 2 weeks since Mandy and Harry's Wedding and we are just putting pictures up now!

What a woinderful day! Although we have never planned a wedding with commercial breaks, this wedding was like all others...full of love, family and one HOT Couple! Salon Escape gave them a Makeover to Dream about, and they absolutely glowed on June 20th!

Here is a list of all our Vendors:

S.A.S. Party Decorations Inc. -

The Cake Crusader -

Four Corners Home Staging -

Esthetics by Tanya - email

Lisa Vella Kreative Momentz -

The Creative Bride -

Wedding From The Heart by Sarah Bunnett-Gibson -

Delta Chelsea Toronto -

Moores Clothing For Men -

Papaya Bread Crumb Invites -

Amanda Lina's Sposa Boutique -

Rounded Sound DJ Services - email

AWV Telav Audio Visual Solutions -

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flowers for Mandy and Harry's Cake!

Here is a picture of the Handmade Gum Paste flowers that Joanna ( The Cake Crusader) has made for Mandy and Harry's Wedding Cake!

6 tiers of Carrot Cake goodness!! mmmmmmmm.

She is unbelieveably talented! They look like real, fresh picked flowers!

Thanks Joanna!

L & K

Mandy and Harry's Invites

Here are a couple of pictures of the Invitations for Mandy and Harry!
Photo's just don't do these Justice!
Thanks again Adam -

BT Wedding update

So for those of you who are loyal BT viewers....we were on this morning talking about Mandy and Harry's wedding!

We showed a clip of us taking Mandy to select her Gown at Amanda- Lina's Sposa in Vaughn.

We also showed the Beautiful Invitations by PapayaBreadcrumb!!
Great Job Adam...Thank you!

If you tune into BT tomorrow morning, they will be showing the Invite again!

Go to:

and check out the details for Mandy and Harry's Wedding!

Also...remember to tune in on Friday June 20th to see all the vendors in action on the Big Day!!

L &K

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding Live on BT

For those of you who watch Breakfast Television every probably saw Mandy Patrick and Harry Hickey get engaged on the show last week.

Well, we have been chosen to Plan their wedding, which will be live on BT - Friday June 20th, 2008!

They are a super sweet couple and are an absolute pleasure to work with!

I'm not giving anything away on this blog, but make sure to tune in will be beautiful!

L & K

Sunday, May 4, 2008

found a good article...

Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner will act as a consultant to help you plan your special day. This consultant is a professional wedding planner that knows etiquette from the socially correct formats through proper planning and organization of your wedding day.As your planner they have the contacts necessary to match you with the right wedding professionals, which are wedding vendors.

Your planner also works with your wedding professionals that you have chosen to make sure all the details are set just the way you want them. The planner will help you organize your dream wedding and keep you within your budget by suggesting ways to make your dollar go the farthest. Since your wedding planner is an independent party, he or she, may often mediate disagreements when you are caught between family disputes and friendly disagreements.

You can afford a wedding planner since it is not an extra expense if you consider the planning part of your wedding budget. Your wedding planner will even be able to save you money by suggesting the appropriate vendors that will provide professional services to accommodate your budget.It is a penny well spent to have a wedding planner overseeing the wedding professionals that you have spent an investment with to insure that your day goes just as you have paid for and planned.

Of course you may opt to plan the entire wedding yourself or have a family member and even a friend to help, which is sometimes part of the fun of the wedding. However, it can also be a huge hassle and a headache especially if you, your family member, or friend does not have the proper professional wedding training that most professional wedding planners have and experienced. In addition to just finding wedding vendors, you'll need to check out sources, make sure all the details are in place, and worry about whether you're getting the best deal, and, ultimately, if everything will turn out right.

A professional wedding planner has the training and experience to do the ground work, and make sure it all works the way you want it to, while you relax and enjoy.

For example, your dress gets muddy if it starts to rain and your fiance is already 30 minutes late and the limo driver has not even shown up yet to bring the officiant to the chapel--what do you do? This is where your wedding planner will see to all of these details without breaking a sweat. She will be able to locate the fiance and ensure he gets to the chapel on time; they will clean your dress with a wipe from their emergency kit; they will track down the limo driver and have a back up limo driver in waiting just in case.The wedding planner will get it done so you don't have to worry. When you hire a wedding planner you know that you are buying quality, service, knowledge, professionalism, creativity, guidance, leg work, a stress reliever, an etiquette expert and a personal assistant and friend.

What could be better than that for the most important day of your life? Just knowing that you were smart enough to hire a wedding planner!

Article Written By Patty Hansen, CWP

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding Tips..... By L & K

1. Always have an Emergency Kit present on your Wedding Day!
At Laura KellyWedding Design, we always carry a Wedding Day Emergency Kit with us. With items such as: Pins, sewing kits, band aids, hairspray, deodorant, emergency rings, nail polish remover, visine, Tylenol, etc.

2. Invitation Etiquette:
Send your invites out at least 8-12 weeks prior to your wedding day. R.S.V.P. dates should always be set for one month prior to your wedding day to allow yourself time to track down guests who have not yet responded and to make a seating plan that works.

3. Real flowers on the Wedding Cake?
This is a big no-no. Real flowers can essentially poison your cake by leaching pesticides into your icing! Opt for artificial/certified organic flowers or lay buds on top of a plastic tray to ensure the stems do not touch the icing or pierce the cake.

4. To Favour or Not to Favour...
Many couples struggle to find that perfect wedding give-away. If you’ve hit a road block or don’t have a money tree in your backyard, why don’t you consider making a donation to a Charity or Foundation in your guests honour. These days, many guests will appreciate the gesture and it will allow your wedding day to touch others in need.

5. Free Tux!
Planning on renting tuxedos? At most Tuxedo retailers, the Groom and Father of the Groom will get their tux for free when a bridal party of 4 or more rent there as well. Before making any final decisions, inquire about this option if you have at least 4 groomsmen renting a tux as well.

6. Aim to be different...
Remember when all is said and done, weddings are a reflection of you the couple. Whatever your style, don’t hold back. If there is one day to truly make your own, this is that day! Nothing is off limits, and anything is possible. If you can dream it, live it... If you want it, have it!

Monday, March 24, 2008



Here is a picture - although scanned and not the greatest quailty- of Paulette and Marc's centerpiece.

We put this together for less than $10 a piece...using real orchids!

God Bless wholesalers!

L & K

Friday, February 29, 2008

Wholesale Flowers

So we found an amazing wholesale florist recently who can get almost any kind of flower for an amazing price!
This is great for Brides who are working with a limited budget, but still want that wow factor!
If you know what you want, it's easy to put it together yourself and get the flowers you really want for a fraction of the price!
Call us if you'd like more information on this or any other wedding related inquiry!

L & K

Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring 2008 Colour Trends

Here are the 2008 Spring Pantone colour trends....

You can mix and match to create a beautiful colour scheme for your wedding!

Up and Running....

Welcome to our first Blog Post!

It's Official...Laura Kelly Wedding Design is ready for Business!

We are very excited to get started!

We are currently working on 3 weddings for this Summer and they are going to be fabulous!

Our 1st wedding is July 5th & 6th - Paulette and Marc!
Thats right...a 2 day event...they love each other so much they had to spread it over 2 days!!!
What a cute couple!! We can't wait to see all of their visions turn into reality and create an enchanted evening Reception that they have always dreamed about!

Watch for more posts about these two!

Laura & Kelly.