Friday, December 9, 2011

A few 2011 Highlights...

2011 was an incredible year for LKWD. We had the opportunity to work with so many amazing couples, each unique and eager to show their commitment to each other. We also had the pleasure of working on some Corporate Gala's that were too much fun! We want to Thank all of you for a wonderful 2011, and for letting us into your lives in such a special way. Our last event is next weekend, and that will be it for the 2011 Wedding Season :( .

Here are only a few of the 2011 highlights...

Looking forward to 2012!



( Thank you to the following photographers... Rachel A Clingen, Calculated Style, E-Photography, John Bauld, Kate Hood)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hang on!

~The Wedding Dress Hanger ~

This is certainly a trend that we saw in 2011. And we love it.

So often, Brides want the classic photograph of their dress hanging from the window, or some variation of this shot. Only then do you realize that you have your dress hanging on the hanger it came with - usually wire...yuck! I have often gone into closets all over the Brides home looking for a decent hanger for this photo...and the best I've ever found was a wooden one...(because really, who has super fancy hangers for their everyday clothing items?) So this to me, is the perfect solution! I especially love the one's with the Bride's future last name....a.k.a. "Mrs. Smith".

So I've gone online, to one of my favourite sites in the universe....ETSY...and located a few stores who make these!

Wedding Hangers
Dawns Craft Store
Brides First

And there are plenty of other sellers as well! Just go onto ETSY and see for yourself! Trust me, your photographer will thank you! And so will you when you see the shots ;)

~ Mrs. Spinelli