Friday, December 9, 2011

A few 2011 Highlights...

2011 was an incredible year for LKWD. We had the opportunity to work with so many amazing couples, each unique and eager to show their commitment to each other. We also had the pleasure of working on some Corporate Gala's that were too much fun! We want to Thank all of you for a wonderful 2011, and for letting us into your lives in such a special way. Our last event is next weekend, and that will be it for the 2011 Wedding Season :( .

Here are only a few of the 2011 highlights...

Looking forward to 2012!



( Thank you to the following photographers... Rachel A Clingen, Calculated Style, E-Photography, John Bauld, Kate Hood)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hang on!

~The Wedding Dress Hanger ~

This is certainly a trend that we saw in 2011. And we love it.

So often, Brides want the classic photograph of their dress hanging from the window, or some variation of this shot. Only then do you realize that you have your dress hanging on the hanger it came with - usually wire...yuck! I have often gone into closets all over the Brides home looking for a decent hanger for this photo...and the best I've ever found was a wooden one...(because really, who has super fancy hangers for their everyday clothing items?) So this to me, is the perfect solution! I especially love the one's with the Bride's future last name....a.k.a. "Mrs. Smith".

So I've gone online, to one of my favourite sites in the universe....ETSY...and located a few stores who make these!

Wedding Hangers
Dawns Craft Store
Brides First

And there are plenty of other sellers as well! Just go onto ETSY and see for yourself! Trust me, your photographer will thank you! And so will you when you see the shots ;)

~ Mrs. Spinelli

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kelly's 2012 Wedding Gown picks!

I'm a wedding lover. Obvious statement. I'm also a fashion lover. So I figured that tonight, I would make a post about some of my favourite 2012 Collection Wedding Gowns from various designers! There is something very exciting to me about looking at wedding gowns. Even though I got married 6 years ago, I still look at Gowns, and secretly wish that I owned a Bridal Gown Salon if only so that I could try them on everyday! It ignites that fresh excitement that every girl gets when she is planning her wedding. A dress is under a lot of pressure to make the Bride feel like a Million dollars on her Wedding day! The cut, the colour and the price tag ( no, I'm not talking about diamonds now) say a lot about the wearer...So, lets just say I was getting married in 2012. Here are the Gowns I might try on...

In no particular order....

1. The Trumpet Gown - Ines Di Santo Spring 2012

2. The 4208 Gown - Paloma Blanca

Not usually a big fan of Black on a wedding dress...but this I like!

3. The Legend Gown - Monique Lhuillier Spring 2012

I just LOVE these ridiculously feathered bottoms!

4. The Zoe Dress - Michelle Roth 2012

The Tea Length dresses are so cute!

5. The Bliss Gown - Style BL1218 - also Lhuiller

Very Kate Middleton'esque...

6. This Lazaro Dress - actually a Fall 2011 Design

AND Finally.... came across this Gown...

If Lady Gaga, were getting married next year....I can see HER in it...not me...

7. Pronovia's EPOCA Gown - Manuel Mota 2012 Collection

Yours in Wedding Fashion,

Kelly xo

Monday, October 17, 2011

We Heart Rachel

Here is a Blog Post that one of our very favourite decorator's in the city (Rachel A Clingen) wrote about our wedding yesterday! Congrats again to Victoria and Glenn Hunt who were married at Graydon Hall Manor in an intimate Enchated forest themed wedding.

Click here for Blog Post!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flowers of the Season

As we move into the Fall and Winter months, we often have Brides asking us what flowers are available for their weddings. Many of the Floral designers that we work with have access to any flowers at any time of year, but if the flower your desire is off season, it will usually cost more to get and they cannot guarentee the colour of them, seeing as they will be grown oversees in a greenhouse. Most bulb flowers ( i.e. Peonies) will be closed when they arrive if you try to get them in the winter for example.

So, if you are trying to keep within the possibilities locally for your fall or winter wedding, these are some of my personal favourites!

Fall Wedding Florals:

1. Mango Calla Lilies.

These rich mango coloured calla's are such a beautiful flower for the Autumn months.

2. Dahlias

I love the soft pink colour of this Dahlia and Rose bouquet! I'm also a big fan of any type of floral accent like these crystal centers! Looks like a brooch.

3. Zinnia

These are a traditional Chinese flower that come in a variety of colours. Stunningly vibrant!

4. Ranunculus

These little cuties are growing (pardon the pun) very popular! They also come in a variety of shades and are adorable! we have also seen many Brides getting their Cake Designers to mimic these flowers on their cakes!

Winter Wedding Flowers

1. Amaryllis

These are great because they have a large head. They fill a large space in a vase or bouquet and have maximum impact. These are beautiful!

2. Hanging Amaranthus

This is a great accent for any centerpiece or Aisle piece as seen below. It gives almost an enchanted forest feeling to any decor theme.

3. Sweet Peas

Most people have seen these in white, but I love the soft purple colour as well! Since purple seemed to be the on-trend wedding colour of 2011, I wanted to share this!

4. Anemones

These are simply incredible, no? The black centers are the perfect compliment to a wedding that has black in its colour scheme. Love them!

Hope these inspire you!

Kelly xoxo

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Brooklyn & Co.

LKWD has been growing year over year since it's creation. Laura and I are so thrilled to have worked on so many weddings and look forward to many many more. As we have grown, we have started to get involved with some other events as well, and we are very excited to announce that LKWD is expanding and will be launching a new sector to our business very soon called... LK Events! We are thrilled to be getting involved in Corporate and other Social events.

SO, on that note, We recently planned a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Inspired Baby Naming Ceremony for a very special baby girl ( very near and dear to our hearts ) and here are a few shots! We once again thank the amazingly talented Tia Kristina for capturing some great pics!

Party goers were in awe of the stunning dessert table filled with theme coloured sweets! As tasty as they were beautiful! and as every guest left the party that day, they each received a "Brooklyn & Co." blue bag with a small Blue Spruce seedling inside with a poem. The thought behind it was that each guest can plant this baby tree, and watch it grow along with sweet baby Brooklyn.

Kelly & Co.

Something Blue...

Came across this fabulous array of Blue Wedding Shoes on Aisle Candy while surfing the web tonight! Just had to share them with you all! Love Love Love the Gucci rhinestone peeptoes (bottom left!) We are seeing a big trend this season with blue wedding shoes, even if blue is not in the particular colour scheme. I personally love it and think it's really fun!

Row 1 (L to R) Christian Louboutin, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton
Row 2 (L to R) Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Bradgley Mischka
Row 3 (L to R) Christian Louboutin, Ivanka Trump, Loriblu
Row 4 (L to R) Jessica Simpson, Manolo Blahnik, Gucci

Your LKWD Shoe Enthusiast,
Kelly xo

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If you liked it than you should have put a brooch on it....

I came across these photo's on one of our fave photog's website () As soon as I heard the story behind it, I fell in love.

This Bride wanted something unique for her Bridal Bouquet....and we aren't just talking about mixing it up with amaryllis in lieu of roses...she inspires me with her creativity.

She asked each one of her friends and family members for a Brooch. Once she collected all the magnificent pieces of jewellery, she had her bouquet made with them to create this:

If we've said it once, we'll say it again. Your wedding becomes truly memorable when you make small ways to make it your own. Special to you. I think that this lovely bride found a way to do just that. She had a special bouquet, and her guests got to see a piece of them in it as well. As Aron Goss of Calculated style said best...
"family and friends, all coming together to create something beautiful in unity"

Love it. And as always the shots!

Yours in Planning,
Kelly xo

These are a few of my favourite things...

The 2011 Wedding Season has been incredible so far... With a number of wedding days come and gone, I've compiled a list of some of my favourite things I love to see at weddings and regularly suggest to my couples. So here it goes...

Number 1: Washroom Baskets

They are a simple, yet personal touch to spruce up the washrooms at your venue and add that little something extra that shows your guests your appreciation by anticipating some of the items they might find themselves in need of during your reception. You can easily get everything you need for them from Dollar Stores so you don't need to break the bank on this one, and a simple picture frame beside each, or a tied note card to the basket can explain what they are and who they are from. The poems and item suggestions from Weddings by Colour will help you make this a very do-able item for your wedding.

Number 2: Dancing Shoes (Flip Flop Baskets)

For the price of fashion, we ladies will walk out the door in the hottest of heels... but 6 hours later when "Billy Jean" comes on and our feet are aching, we're in trouble. Something to consider to offer comfort and relief to the women at your reception and keep them dancing "All Night Long" is to offer an assortment of flip flop sizes when dancing begins. Most brides choose to by them in standard black and white or in their wedding colours and place them in a basket by the dance floor when dancing begins. Cute Labels like "Kick your Heels Off... Dancing Shoes" or "Dancing Shoes... Dance the Night Away" will be appreciated greatly by many of the ladies in the house. Old Navy's Annual $1.00 Flip Flop Sale is often the best score for stocking up on these prior to your big day.

Number 3: "Thank You" Signs

The use of a cute "THANK YOU" Sign during your formal photographs on the day makes a perfect photo choice when choosing the shot to use on your guest thank you cards. You can make your own or shop one of my personal favourites to find tones of reasonably priced options.

Number 4: Programs & Menu Cards

I put these on the list because they are some elements of the wedding that couples don't automatically think they need to include. Whether you chose to DIY these or have your stationary company create custom pieces to match your theme, hands down, guests like to know what's happening as the ceremony takes place and they very much appreciate knowing what's on the menu when called to their seats. I think it's human nature to want to follow along with a printed order of events during the ceremony; it's also really nice to put names with faces for who's who in the bridal party. When it comes to dinner, couples sometimes ask me if providing a menu is necessary. I always respond with, "Yes, even 1 per table is ideal". I equivilate it to going to a restaurant and being served a pre-set dinner without a menu presented. All agree, it's nice to know what's coming, how many courses, entrees etc.

Number 5: Candle Light

No matter what your style, weddings are romantic... Adding candles to your reception venue can easily take a stunning room, and warm it up with a little extra romance. Easily doable by consulting your florist/decorator or hitting up the Dollar Store, Ikea, Home Sense, Kitchen Stuff Plus, Bowring etc., this one element of your wedding can create an unforgettable ambiance. From votives, to cylinders, hanging tea lights to candelabras, I like to see candles on the guest tables, head table(s), cake tables and accented throughout the venue. Most venues are fine with you bring in your own candles as long as the flames are covered.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day After Photo Session

Photography is the most important tool in prolonging your sweet wedding day memories. You'll find yourself looking back at your photo's in years from now and seeing the emotion across your face, and those of your cherished guests.

That is my favourite part of my wedding album. Seeing the genuine smile across my face and remembering what I was thinking in that moment.

Often, couples invest in an engagement photo shoot as well. You will oftentimes see a large portrait of the wedded couple at their reception. However, I've noticed that lately these enagagement shoots are rarely taken right after the couple has gotten engaged. When your excitement is at it's freshest. It's usually something that couples do sometime close to the wedding, for the sole purpose of having this picture to blow up at the reception ( and perhaps to keep on their mantle too!). But not because its a true photoshoot to capture your emotions when newly engaged.

This is why, I am newly infatuated with the idea of the "Day After Wedding" shoot!

I love the idea, because you can use it in two different ways.

1) You can use it to trash your dress! And come up with a really awesome part of your wedding album. This tends to be the more fun part of the album...

2) Or, you can use it to simply take shots of yourslves as a newly married couple and remember that first day that you look into each others eyes with a new excitement. This is a very new trend, and I love it.

We always love to see new trends in the wedding world as we are always looking for ways to make each couples wedding truly unique. So for those of you who value your memories which are captured in photographs, consider this type of shoot. Because you will soon see, the feeling you have the day after you become man and wife is one of the most exhilerating and memorable feelings you'll ever experience.

Happy Planning,

photo creds: , ,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tips for a Successful Wedding Reception...

Planning your wedding reception requires more than just picking out a menu, deciding on linens and chair decor, and finalizing a centerpiece! In order to have a successful wedding reception, especially in the eyes of your guests, we suggest a lot of time and care go into the planning of the evening's events. After all the time, hard work and money you've invested in your wedding, your reception is for most guests the "Make it or Break It" factor. That being said, here our some of most valuable tips to help steer you in the right direction:

1) Have a plan - If you're not working with a professional wedding coordinator, ensure that you sit down with your fiance and come up with a detailed time line for everything that will happen from bridal party introductions, and speeches, to grace and the champagne toast. Have a plan for when everything is going to happen throughout the night and ensure that those involved in speaking as well as your dj, mc and venue are all on the same page. Give your dj your special song list well in advance too!

2) Don't overload your reception in content - Some of the biggest mistakes we've seen couples make is pack too many speeches, slide shows, photos presentations, games into their reception. Guest will loose interest easily and once you've lost their focus, there really is no getting it back... Limit yourselves to no more than 1-2 video/photo presentations and spread them out. Have no more than 6 short speeches (Ex. both parents, maid of honour, best man, bride and groom). Stick to no more than 2 forms of live entertainment (i.e a violinist during dinner and dancers during the reception). Guests want to be entertained while they eat, but don't want to feel bombarded with a variety show.

3) Make sure that the people who have been listed on your timeline know what is expected of them and at what point in the evening. You never want to catch someone off guard with saying grace, giving a speech or a toast.

4) Be thoughtful when creating a seating plan. Don't put people who wouldn't mesh well together together. Don't put a single guest at a table of couples, and do try to keep important family members close to the parent tables. Once you've created your seating plan, check it over again, and again and again. Cross reference with all RSVP cards. We've seen it happen and it's so awkward: A couple shows up to table 7 as indicated on their seating card, only to find all seats filled. All guests at table 7 double check their cards and confirm they are in the right place and look sympathetically to the seatless couple. When you're dealing with a couple hundred guests, mistakes are easily made; try to catch them before your guests do on the day of your wedding. There is nothing more awkward that feeling like you don't have a place to sit.

5) If you are serving beef, serve it medium. While yes, most true red meat lovers prefer their meat no more than medium rare, many guests are turned off by bloody meat and we've seen far too many guests turned off as oppose to turned on by the appearance of their red meat. When you're aiming to please large groups, play it safe and serve it medium.

6) Don't have cocktails last longer than 1.5 hours. If you reception starts at 5:00pm, by 6:30pm most guests will be ready to find their way to their seats and get the night going.

7) Take care of all formal items before opening the dance floor. All speeches, presentations, centerpiece give away games that require guest cooperation (silence) or participation should be done before you "release the crowd". It's ok to interrupt dancing for the cake cutting, bouquet or garter toss, but expecting dancing, smoking, drinking, and mingling guests to return their seats and pipe down for a speech after 45 mins of high energy activity is unrealistic. It simply won't happen.

8) Make sure you serve enough food. While most weddings leave guests full to the brim, the odd reception has come and gone where guests are left wanting more. It's poor etiquette not to satisfy the taste buds of your guests. Imagine having friends/family over for dinner only to find out they hit up McDonald's right after they left.

9) If you are giving away your centerpiece, make sure it's something easy to take away. Large vases filled with liters of water almost always cause problems when guests try to remove them from the table. Likewise, if you plan to only give away the floral topper, make sure it's something guests can actually reach! We've seen guests knocking over centerpieces, spilling large vases of water, or dropping them all on their attempts to bring that centerpiece home. While we love the idea of giving it away, you want your guests to be able to easily take it away.

10) As the bride and groom, write a speech or at least put down points on paper. The climax speeches of the night are hearing from the couple themselves. There is nothing more disappointing than watching a couple ramble, mumble or stutter through an impromptu speech, only to end it then come right back on because you've forgotten something important.

Happy Planning!

Friday, April 29, 2011


The day so many of us have been waiting for has finally come: April 29th, 2011 will go down in history. As a little girl I spent hours fantasizing over Princess Diana and Prince Charles' nuptials... 30 years later I find myself just as intrigued at the Royal Wedding. However, this time round, I'm watching it with a creative eye for trends, hits and misses...

The top trend I think we'll see dominate the wedding world in the next few years will be a slight turn back to traditional. Kate has reinvented sleeves, lace and the tiara and I wouldn't be surprised if more brides abandon the strapless gown for some royal, sleeved elegance. Kate was absolutely stunning in her custom Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen design. This for me, was a 100% hit!

Another hit was the style and colour of Pippa, Kate's sisters Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress. Traditionally, only children are included in royal wedding parties. It was nice to see Kate and William honour their siblings and include them as well. Pippa was a knock out beauty in her all white fitted gown with one of the most flattering neck lines I've seen in years. And the All-White wedding party was a classic choice. I suspect we'll see more of this as brides step outside the box and choose to keep it regal by putting their bridesmaids in whites and ivory.

Prince William himself was dapper in a red uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guards. There has been some debate as to whether he should of sported the blue uniform like his brother Prince Harry. But I think the red was a bold and well defined choice.

What I did think was missing however, was a floral arrangement for Pippa, while yes she had her hands full with the little ones, I still felt she needed a little something at times to complete the look!

As for Kate's bouquet, she carried an understated small white arrangement. According to the royal press release, "The bouquet is a shield-shaped wired bouquet of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William and hyacinth. The bouquet was designed by Shane Connolly and draws on the traditions of flowers of significance for the Royal Family, the Middleton family and on the Language of Flowers." While some critics are already saying it was too small for such a grand occasion, I stick with the "less is more" motto and think it was a perfect choice in terms of size. While I wasn't too crazy about the choice of flowers, I did appreciate that her flowers didn't in any way compete with her elegance as a bride.

Hats and hair fasteners are another sure thing to influence the Canadian wedding world. Being from a Scottish/British background, I've always loved them. But there is no way that the commentary and beauty of all the hats and hair accessories we've seen in the last few hours will not inspire some of us Canadians to go out and get some of our own head dresses. Victoria and David Beckham both wore hats to the royal wedding and looked absolutely fabulous in them.

Overall, the wedding of Kate & William was entertainment and what I hope will be a true love story for the royal family. Can't wait for details on the Palace Reception! All the best to the happy couple!!!