Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day After Photo Session

Photography is the most important tool in prolonging your sweet wedding day memories. You'll find yourself looking back at your photo's in years from now and seeing the emotion across your face, and those of your cherished guests.

That is my favourite part of my wedding album. Seeing the genuine smile across my face and remembering what I was thinking in that moment.

Often, couples invest in an engagement photo shoot as well. You will oftentimes see a large portrait of the wedded couple at their reception. However, I've noticed that lately these enagagement shoots are rarely taken right after the couple has gotten engaged. When your excitement is at it's freshest. It's usually something that couples do sometime close to the wedding, for the sole purpose of having this picture to blow up at the reception ( and perhaps to keep on their mantle too!). But not because its a true photoshoot to capture your emotions when newly engaged.

This is why, I am newly infatuated with the idea of the "Day After Wedding" shoot!

I love the idea, because you can use it in two different ways.

1) You can use it to trash your dress! And come up with a really awesome part of your wedding album. This tends to be the more fun part of the album...

2) Or, you can use it to simply take shots of yourslves as a newly married couple and remember that first day that you look into each others eyes with a new excitement. This is a very new trend, and I love it.

We always love to see new trends in the wedding world as we are always looking for ways to make each couples wedding truly unique. So for those of you who value your memories which are captured in photographs, consider this type of shoot. Because you will soon see, the feeling you have the day after you become man and wife is one of the most exhilerating and memorable feelings you'll ever experience.

Happy Planning,

photo creds: www.trashthedress.net.au , www.jillthomasphotography.com , www.bridalboudairaffair.com

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