Monday, January 31, 2011

Top 3 Mistakes Couples Can Make When Planning Their Wedding...

Planning a wedding is never easy and unless you've done it before, it can be a lot of "Live and Learn" lessons. Having planned more than our fair share of weddings, including our own, here is our list of the top 3 mistakes (we think) couples can easily make when planning their nuptials.

Number 3: The more DIY projects the better...
Couples often think DIY projects will save them a ton of cash and while this is true for some areas of the wedding, it can be the opposite for others. Invite Kits are a great DIY to save you money if you're not in to custom invites. But if you're not a graphic designer and don't have access to whole sale paper costs, doing your invites from scratch could be a disaster and cost you more than if you out sourced them from an Invite Company. Centerpieces are also a very sensitive area to DIY if you are having fresh florals. Florists are considered professionals for a reason... if the average person could throw together a bouquet or properly assemble an arrangement so that it lives the length of a wedding day, we'd all be in the business of flowers... but we're not! DIY on projects that are cost effective, and low on stress. Be reasonable on what you take on, and know when to leave it in the hands of a professional vendor.

Number 2: Not starting out with a realistic budget...
This next mistake sums up a number of financial mistakes such as:
- Not researching average wedding costs in your area when creating a budget
- Not finalizing a guest list early on... the more people you add, the more money you're going to spend
- Not looking at personal finances to see what you can actually afford
- And the most important, not aligning your vision to your budget.
It's really important to figure out what you should expect to pay for what you want as you assemble a wedding budget. If you want Ghost Chairs and satin linens for example, research them before you allot funds to your decor area. This way you will know if what you are seeking is realistic. You want to know early on how much you have to spend, and what you should expect to spend it on based on what you want. Budget and vision are always a compromise. It will be impossible for the average couple to afford everything they want. But with a little creativity and the right planning, there are endless ways to make your wedding a real success.

Number 1: Over Planning for your Wedding... Under Planning for your Marriage!
One the biggest mistakes couples can make is to loose site on what a wedding is really about... The marriage! So many newlywed couples have said that looking back on their engagement, they realized that they spent so much time and energy on planning the wedding, that they spent very little time planning for their transition into married life. Before you walk down the aisle, in between flower appointments and food tastings, set aside time to plan and discuss how you will adjust to married life; The things like new living arrangements, family planning, your work schedules, your own personal time/hobbies, a new financial union, family dynamics, house hold chores, independence vs. codependence etc. Weddings are amazing in every way. That's why Kelly and I love what we do so much. Just don't forget that they are just the beginning of your journey as husband and wife!


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